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Attorney in Desk with Gavel — Juvenile Law Attorneys in Colorado Springs, CO
So much is at stake when you, a family member, or friend are suspected of a crime or are arrested. It is essential to have the right criminal defense attorney on your side because your freedom, job, reputation, and, in some cases, your family may all be in jeopardy.
Our clients have included professionals, retirees, doctors, agents, young adults, homemakers, and more—all of whom sought an experienced defense team for the fight of their lives.
Our lawyers, several of whom are former Assistant District Attorneys and Assistant Public Defenders, have substantial experience assisting clients charged or suspected of:
From the moment of the arrest, through the negotiations and trial, our criminal defense attorneys will put their extensive trial and jury experience to use in our client's defense. When we are successful in preventing charges from being filed or having them dismissed, our team also assists clients with record expungement to clear their names of the stigma of a criminal arrest.