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Traffic Offenses in Colorado Springs

Traffic offenses in Colorado can range from the minor to the most severe. Even the most minor, however, can drastically impact your right to drive, which can make it more difficult to get to and from work. Having a traffic offense attorney like Colorado Springs' William Beck at your side can help protect your interests and make things right.

Traffic Offenses in Colorado

Colorado's traffic code recognizes a huge number of traffic offenses. Some are moving violations, while others are non-moving violations. While moving violations are often more serious, this is not always the case. Additionally, just because a traffic violation was a non-moving one does not mean that it's something you can always shrug off easily.

Traffic offenses often result in fines, while some of the most serious offenses carry point penalties that can impact your driving rights and can even come with jail time.

Moving Violations

A moving violation is a violation of Colorado's traffic code while your car is in motion. These are often the most severe of traffic violations in our state.

Common examples of a moving violation are the failure to stop at a stop sign, yield the right-of-way, or use turn signals. Speeding is another common traffic offense that is considered a moving violation.

Each of these traffic offenses can lead to a ticket and a fine. The amount of the fine depends on where you got the ticket – different counties in our state fine different infractions different amounts. The ticket itself will state how much the fine will be. Alternatively, you can contact the traffic court in the county where you got the ticket.

Moving violations can also come with point deductions. If you accumulate enough points in a short enough timeframe, your license could get suspended. The number you need to accumulate depends on what kind of license you have and how old you are. The more serious the traffic offense, the more points you accumulate. Some traffic offenses, like fleeing the scene of an accident or driving under the influence (DUI)[***LINK***] come with enough points to automatically suspend most licenses.

Finally, the most severe moving violations can lead to criminal charges and even jail time if you get convicted.

Non-Moving Violations

Other traffic violations can be committed while your car is stationary. These are often parking tickets or problems with your vehicle. These violations often come with fines but rarely result in points against your license or criminal charges.

Colorado Springs Traffic Offense Attorney William Beck

Many people think that traffic offenses are just things to pay without fighting. Some, however, can drastically impact your life. Having an attorney at your side for these can make a huge difference in the outcome. Additionally, just because you got a ticket does not necessarily mean that you committed the offense. Having a traffic offense attorney like William Beck there to show that you're innocent can prevent you from having to pay for something you didn't do.

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