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Shoplifting in Colorado Springs

In Colorado, shoplifting is just one of the many ways that a theft can be committed. However, the way the law is written, shoplifting is far from a simple crime. There are numerous gray areas that create confusion, but also opportunities to defend against a serious criminal conviction. Having a solid criminal defense attorney like William Beck at your side can make a huge difference if you're facing a shoplifting charge.

Shoplifting in Colorado

Colorado's shoplifting law was recently changed: Before, it was a separate crime, but now it's a way to commit the crime of theft.

As a result, to commit shoplifting in Colorado, you would have to knowingly take or keep someone else's valuables, without their permission, in order to deprive them. This includes some obvious instances of shoplifting, like taking something off the shelf and leaving the store with it, without paying.

However, an important aspect of shoplifting is the fact that you have to knowingly do it. You can't shoplift by accident. For example, if you leave a store and suddenly realize that you have something in your bag that you didn't pay for, you have not necessarily committed the crime of shoplifting, so long as you bring the goods back within the next 72 hours. Proving that you didn't intend to take the goods, however, is easier said than done. Many stores are wary of shoplifters, and try deterring people from taking things from their store by severely prosecuting suspected shoplifters.

Penalties for Shoplifting

The penalties for shoplifting depend on how much was taken:


Type of Crime


Less than $50

Class 1 Petty Offense

Up to six months in prison, and a fine of up to $500

$50 - $300

Class 3 Misdemeanor

Up to six months in prison, and a fine of $50 - $750

$300 - $750

Class 2 Misdemeanor

3-12 months in prison, and a fine of $250 - $1,000

$750 - $2,000

Class 1 Misdemeanor

6-18 months in prison, and a fine of $500 - $5,000

$2,000 - $5,000

Class 6 Felony

One year to 18 months in prison, and a fine of $1,000 - $100,000

$5,000 - $20,000

Class 5 Felony

1-3 years in prison, and a fine of $1,000 - $100,000

$20,000 - $100,000

Class 4 Felony

2-6 years in prison, and a fine of $2,000 - $500,000

$100,000 - $1 million

Class 3 Felony

4-12 years in prison, and a fine of $3,000 - $750,000

$1 million or more

Class 2 Felony

8-24 years in prison, and a fine of $5,000 - $1,000,000

Additionally, you could also have to pay for the item that you shoplifted and would have a conviction on your criminal history that could impact you for years afterward.

Colorado Springs Shoplifting Attorney William Beck

The jail time and the steep fines that come with a shoplifting conviction are significant. The blemish on your criminal history can be difficult to deal with, as well. Both are reasons to hire William Beck to fight for you against these charges. Contact his Colorado Springs law office online or at 719-301-5979. 

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