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Our firm takes a compassionate and diligent approach to every case. Our attorneys cover a wide array of cases within the broad spectrum of criminal defense. Some of our practice areas include:

  • DUI: When a night out turns into legal troubles, we will be on the case. DUIs can be stressful, embarrassing, and above all costly. Loss of your license can seriously interfere with your lifestyle
  • Shoplifting: If you're caught shoplifting, a conviction can result in felony charges depending on the value of the items in question. Even at the lowest level, a shoplifting charge carries the potential for jail time.
  • Identity Theft: Identity theft charges are almost always brought at the felony level, and can stem from the mere possession of another person's information. Colorado law takes this crime particularly seriously.
  • Fraud: Fraud in Colorado can cover everything from possessing actual instruments to create fraudulent documents, to simply writing a bad check.
  • Drug Possession: Although marijuana may be legal for recreational use within the state, Colorado still classifies many other drugs as illegal to possess or use. Even certain marijuana possession can still be a crime within the state.
  • Domestic Violence: Domestic Violence charges can stem from nearly any situation. In these cases, officers almost always choose a perceived victim, write a report, and make an arrest.
  • Assault: Assault charges can be difficult to defend against, and a conviction may carry increased sentencing if it is considered a "crime of violence."
  • Traffic Offenses: Certain traffic offenses may not simply be waived off with a ticket, in fact, certain offenses can even lead to loss of licenses or a criminal record in some cases.

When facing criminal charges, one should always consult with an attorney. If you are facing criminal charges in Colorado Springs, contact us today.

We Understand Your Situation

When you face criminal charges, your situation can become very complicated, very quickly. We understand the stress you may be facing and approach each case with diligence and compassion to help you get the best possible outcome.

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If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges in Colorado, contact us today for a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney.